Edited by Filippo Brunamonti

Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni (actress, painter, singer-songwriter, writer) is the fascinating protagonist of the book Coralina: Life is Art / Art is Life, published in a prestigious bilingual edition (English and Italian). Journalist/aurhot Filippo Brunamonti (The Huffington Post, La Repubblica, Wired) has collected exclusive interviews and essays by illustrious directors, artists, writers and critics (Dario Argento, Lamberto Bava, Mariano Baino, Mick Garris, Irene Miracle, Claudio Simonetti, Tim Lucas, Luca Barnabé and many others) that bear witness to an extraordinary respect and admiration for this internationally renowned artist who has fans worldwide. 
The volume, in the words of its editor, is an authentic act of love towards Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni, born and resident in Manhattan, who lived for many years in Rome. In a joyous mirror-play between great masters of the cinema who remember, speak and make you fall in love, color images of Coralina's paintings and rare photos come to life and lead the reader by the hand towards an exclusive interview with the artist. The fantastic voyage in the world of Coralina has begun.

"Coralina: Life is Art/ Art is Life, edited with passion by Filippo Brunamonti, is a book that tells us about a unique artist, Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni... an artist who has an overabundance of talent and emotions to offer."

- Vincenzo Mollica - for Italy's primetime News Program TG1, R.A.I.


"CORALINA: LIFE IS ART / ART IS LIFE" has recently had the honor to join the many prestigious research books housed at THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS! 

Journalist/Author Filippo Brunamonti (The Huffingtom Post, La Repubblica, Wired) during  book launch. NYC

Journalist/Author Filippo Brunamonti (The Huffingtom Post, La Repubblica, Wired) during  book launch. NYC


What do you preserve of your childhood?
What I baptized my “Magical Alternate Dimension“. My other Universe. I have one, you have one, we all have our own M.A.D. world.
It is the land where all the characters I perform and write about live. It is where I hear my songs played. It is that wondrous place the images on my canvas come from.
In this dimension emotions have a face, shape or sound. It is filled with characters and ghosts of people I have met or will meet in my future. A compass, a lifetime, a warning, a key, a secret. The whole world lives in there.

All of time lives in there.

And, I must not forget my dear Santa Claus. Yes, he lives there too, along with all the Cinderellas, Snow Whites, Archies, Lucys and Charlie Browns. It is also the home all the Anythings and Anyones I can imagine. It is where my cat Bobolinck keeps an eye on me.It is where my beloved brotherWalterino
loves me. It is where no one can hurt me.
This place is real. It does exist. Santa does exist! My brother does exist!

Believe it! Believe in your own M.A.D. — I do.

Do you know where your Magical Alternate Dimension is?
On one side is the island of Manhattan, on the other side is the Moon. In between is the Ocean floating with Stars. Sometimes the Moon, the Ocean and Manhattan melt and fuse and the Stars spread their rays. And inside, around and through this universe, lives this other dimension.

It is vibrant and shakes with freedom.